Extended Stay

Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly Extended Stay Hotel in McAllen TX!

We know that your pet is an important part of your family , and we want to make it convenient for your pet to stay with you in our Pet Friendly hotel. But, we also have to take into consideration the rest of our customers, as well as our facilities, so we have put some rules and regulations in place that we ask you to please follow.

For rentals of ONE (1) WEEK or less, TENANT agrees to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Pet Deposit of $125.

For rentals of TWO (2) WEEKS or more, TENANT agrees to pay a NON-REUNDABLE Pet Deposit of $250.

Pet Description (Maximum 25 lb.)


  1. Crate your pet when Housekeeping or Staff is scheduled to service unit.
  2. Keep A/C filter free of animal hair to prevent air conditioner coil damage.
  3. Cover furniture and protect carpeting from animal hair. Litter boxes must be placed on tile floors, not carpeting. Additional cleaning fees may be imposed for excessive stains or damage to furniture or carpeting.
  4. Keep your unit deodorized and odor free–especially litter boxes! Do NOT wash your pet in the shower or bath tub in your unit.
  5. Control pet’s barking and noises. If a pet becomes a nuisance to other Tenants or staff, it will be necessary to remove the pet and/or terminate the lease/rental agreement.
  6. “De-flea” the unit at end of lease/rental period as precautionary measure for flea eggs hatching. (TGR manager will specify the recommended treatment product.)
  7. Leash your pet at ALL times when it is outside your unit. Only walk it in areas designated and scoop and bag its “poop”.
  8. ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY BE ASSESSED for costs to recover/replace furniture/fixtures damaged by pet.