Extended Stay Hotel in McAllen TX

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Extended Stay Hotel in McAllen TX

The Best Extended Stay Hotel in McAllen TX!


Corporate Housing in McAllen TXTexan Guest Ranch is the best Extended Stay Hotel in McAllen TX when you are looking for southern hospitality, affordable accomodations, and South Texas sized fun while here in the Rio Grande Valley!

The Texan Guest Ranch has been the most well known extended stay for more than 80 years; catering to folks on business trips, vacations, people forced from their homes by hurricanes (Texas Strong!), wedding parties and many more!

Are you looking to stay for a day, a week, a month, or a year?

You can be sure that we will be your home away from home no matter how long you choose us at Texan Guest Ranch.

The Texan Guest Ranch boasts a year round pool and spa, a state of the art workout area with an outdoor circuit, 20 acres of fully landscaped land on site fo you to enjoy, an RV site, larger units, a bunkhouse for big groups to share, free wifi for everyone, and so much more!

We believe our best feature to be the way we treat our guests like family and our ability to contribute to them having the time of their lives while enjoying a Rio Grande Valley vacation!

If you are ready for more information on the best extended stay hotel McAllen TX or are ready to book your stay with us, you know what to do next; give us a call or fill out our web form!


Cheap Hotels in McAllen TX

If you are searching for cheap hotels in McAllen TX we are happy you have found us instead!

What do we mean by “found us instead?”

To begin with, there are a number of cheap hotels in McAllen Texas that deserve the title when it comes to being “cheap.”

If you have spent much time in hotels you know what we are talking about; uncomfortable beds, bored and can’t be bothered staff that don’t seem happy to see you, less than clean rooms, and the list goes on!

But hey; it’s cheap right?

When you stay with the Texan Guest Ranch you can be certain of 2 things:

  1. You will pay a competitive and affordable rate for the numerous amenities we offer.
  2. You will experience the home away from home kind of atmosphere you would expect from the #1 Rio Grande Valley vacation spot in McAllen Texas.

So you are searching for cheap hotels in McAllen TX because you want affordability, but you don’t want to settle for places to stay in McAllen TX that are the definition of cheap when it comes to customer service, amenities, and overall experience; so what do you do?

The answer is simple: skip the cheap hotel in McAllen Texas experience and book your stay with the Texan Guest Ranch!


What to Do on a Rio Grande Valley Vacation?

No matter what stage you’re in when planning your next Rio Grande Valley vacation, be sure that you stay at the Texan Guest Ranch in McAllen TX!

People from all over the US and the rest of the world choose Rio Grande Valley vacations for the beauty of the area, the numerous things to do in McAllen Texas, and many other reasons!

While building an itinerary for your Rio Grande Valley vacation you will want to take a look at the McAllen Convention Center online schedule of upcoming events. The convention center hosts a number of exciting events throughout the year!

If you love to shop make sure to block out some time to stroll through the La Plaza mall during your Rio Grande Valley vacation, and check out the area’s Tex-Mex cuisine while you are here!

If you love history and culture and are looking for a “cool down” from your time under the South Texas sun then you will want to visit the International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS), a place that specializes in teaching children but is an eye opener for adults as well!

There are so many things to do in McAllen TX that we couldn’t possibly list them all here; come on down here and see for yourself!

Give us a call!


A Hotel in McAllen Texas You Won’t Forget!

 The Texan Guest Ranch is an extended stay hotel in McAllen TX, you won’t soon forget!

Folks from all over and even close by have come to refer us to their friends, family, and coworkers when they hear that someone they know is looking to visit the Rio Grande Valley area.

With fully equipped kitchens, access to an updated on site laundry facility, a gym and more; the Texan Guest Ranch has everything you need for a home away from home while enjoying the best extended stay hotel in McAllen Texas!

We have enjoyed offering the following people a place to stay in McAllen TX:

  • Military
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • People Visiting for Business
  • People Displaced by Disasters
  • Hunters
  • Retired Couples
  • Teachers
  • Government Officials
  • And Many Others!

Our passion is providing a place to stay in McAllen Texas with a home away from home feel, the comforts of a resort with the down home feel of a ranch; and after 8 decades of guests coming and going you can be sure we have had some practice at it!

No matter your reason for searching for an extended stay hotel in McAllen Texas, whether business, pleasure, or somewhere in between; The Texan Guest Ranch is the one to call!


A Rio Grande Valley Extended Stay Hotel with Deep Roots

 The Texan Guest Ranch is a Rio Grande Valley hotel with a history of being a place of rest and welcome for people of all types.

Established as a hub for those looking to purchase South Texas land in the 1920’s, the Rio Grande Valley has been a center for trade and culture where Texas and Mexico meet.

The Texan Guest Ranch was the first extended stay hotel in the Rio Grande Valley before that was a hospitality industry term!

Come and stay with us and see for yourself why we are considered by many to be the #1 Rio Grande Valley extended hotel!


Corporate Housing Facility In McAllen TX

Because the Texan Guest Ranch is an extended stay hotel, our facility is a great option for corporate housing. If you have business here in McAllen or surrounding areas and need someone to stay for a longer period of time, consider staying with us!

We have many ammenities and a price point that is good for your business team. We have a history of being the best extended stay for businesses and their staff.

As the most popular extended stay hotel in McAllen, we have experience with caring for our customers over an extended period of time. Our facilities in McAllen is a great option for all kinds of businesses and staff that might have various needs while here in McAllen.